Happy birthday to NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility, which recently celebrated its 79th year in operation! The facility, established in 1945, has grown from a small test range to helping explore our solar system and beyond.

Wallops’ scientific balloon team, stationed north of the Arctic Circle in Kiruna, Sweden, will perform launch operations for its long-duration balloon campaign, May through July. Four football-stadium-sized balloons carrying science missions and technology demonstrations will fly from Sweden to northern Canada. The missions will study the age of cosmic rays in our galaxy, layers of the Sun, galactic black holes, and X-rays from microbursts.

Wallops’ aircraft team, along with NASA’s P-3 Orion aircraft, will deploy to Greenland, late May through August, for an Earth Science mission studying Arctic clouds and sea ice. At Wallops, the team will support the Student Airborne Research Program (SARP) where students acquire hands-on experience onboard a research aircraft.

Wallops’ sounding rocket and education teams will support the RockOn! program this June. Teams of students will learn how to create sounding rocket experiments and launch them into space. Launch is scheduled for June 20 from Wallops.

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