Do you remember those hotdog commercials featuring Michael Jordan from the 90’s? The ones where he would pop up at a beach or pool or some other quintessential summer destination and inform us that it is in fact NOT yet summer! Then finally; only after he had this specific “frank” he would declare, SUMMER!
The beach, my garden, early morning walks, and lightning bugs all yell summer! Suntans, flip-flops, thunderstorms, and the smell of sunscreen or freshly cut grass- they all tell us that carefree season has arrived. But friends, I am here to tell you there is really only one way to know for sure that IT IS SUMMER! The one solid indicator that I will plan my day at the beach or trip to Chincoteague around. Heck, I’d plan my life around it if necessary! The one thing, every out of town guest MUST TRY and every loved one has devoured….I give you the Church Street Produce Tomato Pie!!! The savory herbs, the creamy melty cheese, and the sweet tomatoes…do yourself a favor!! You can thank me later. We like the minis because everyone gets their own!

Now my fellow foodies, IT IS SUMMER!!!